Landscape Leaves Geometric Dangles (Light)
Landscape Leaves Geometric Dangles (Light)
The Art Decko

Landscape Leaves Geometric Dangles (Light)

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All products sold by The Art Decko are crafted by hand, resulting in pieces which will be uniquely yours - no two pieces are identical. All products are made from polymer clay, which is a lightweight and water-resistant material.

Stainless steel earring posts (Suitable for sensitive ears)
Earring posts baked securely into clay
Push back butterfly closure

4.2cm x 1.6cm

Avoid contact with sharp objects as gold surface might get scratched off
Avoid direct contact with water, excessive perspiration, perfumes and/or body lotions
Actual product colours may differ due to screen and resolution differences

Polymer clay
All products sold by The Art Decko are made of polymer clay, which is a lightweight, durable and water-resistant material. However, care should still be taken when handling your products.

  • Avoid direct contact with excessive perspiration, perfumes and/or body lotions
  • Avoid bending or dropping your products
  • When travelling, or if not in use, jewellery should be kept well-protected in their boxes so as to prevent breakage or scratches from sharp objects
  • All products should be stored away from direct sunlight as much as possible
  • To remove lint or dust from the surface of your products, gently wipe with a damp cloth/jewellery cloth, avoiding any metal, brass or copper parts

Silk tassels
All silk tassels will be stored in plastic tubes when being dispatched. This is to ensure that they retain their shape.

  • Accessories with tassels should be stored in an upright hanging position. Storing them flat would result in tassels becoming flat and out of shape
  • If this happens, apply heat onto the tassel with a hairdryer on the lowest setting

Brass/Copper components
Brass/copper components will tarnish over time with exposure to water and oils from the skin. However, its durability can be prolonged if handled with care.

  • Avoid direct contact with water, excessive perspiration, perfumes and/or body lotions
  • Store accessories with brass/copper parts in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Store accessories with brass/copper components in their boxes, or in sealed containers/bags, to minimize oxidization
  • If the brass/copper components start to tarnish, gently wipe with a jewellery cloth, or a tarnish remover

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